Muslim Stabs Fellow Passenger

An Iraqi Muslim has been arrested after violently assaulting a fellow train passenger in Sweden. Karim Alaa Hussain attacked and stabbed a man aboard a Swedish train multiple times after seeing a veiled woman being asked to show her train ticket by the conductor. Hussain has an extensive criminal record, but thanks to Sweden’s justice system, he will receive a light sentence.

According to bystanders, Hussain launched the attack because he suspected the conductor of harboring racist feelings.


Hot Equestrian Goes On Crime Spree

Another reminder for those who tout the NAWALT approach to life. An eighteen-year-old equestrian chick who had Olympics aspirations has been sentenced to two years in a juvenile prison after she participated in a massive crime spree with her father and stole a number of luxury vehicles, with the total value coming in at £696,500. Kirstie Covele was hit with the penalty by a court on Tuesday despite her decent looks and career plans.

Perhaps the pussy pass is faltering?


Nick Clegg: EU Commissioner?

Opponents of former Lib Dems leader Nick Clegg’s coalition agreement with the UK Conservative Party back in 2010 are drooling over his fate in last week’s election, which cost him the seat he had held since 2005 to a Labour Party candidate. The defeat came after Clegg narrowly fended of a challenge in 2015, winning by slightly over 4 percent.

Much as the ex-deputy prime minister is probably done in English politics, he can rest assured there is another mountain on the table: the European Commission. Given Clegg’s stalwart support of the EU and opposition to Brexit, it is not hard to see him being selected for a role, in line with Neil Kinnock’s appointment after he failed to unseat the Conservative Party government on multiple occasions.

In other words, alls well for the rich and connected.