Why Do Women Lie?

A common pattern in online dating sites is for women to represent themselves as weighing less than they appear in person through strategic photo angles and lighting. The popular methods include taking a photo from top-down, using headshots exclusively, and utilizing fade features from a distance. Each option helps her look slimmer, more toned, and most of all, desirable.

The overarching question is, why? With society filled by fat positive movements and attempts to stifle healthy-eating campaigns, you’d think these land barrels would have no issue landing dates — or getting laid.

There is one little problem though: reality. Men do not want overweight women. You might locate an occasional flab-chaser but the lot of them find rolls on a girl about as appealing as some guy’s knob, which I suppose nowadays is more prevalent than before. Thus females are left with no choice but to commit fraud in order for their filthy dreams to be fulfilled.

Perhaps the higher goal in tricking a man to “come over” or go out on a date is the guilt trip. He shows up, finds some bucket of hardened butter, and proceeds to screw her anyway — or at least bolster the appetite she possesses by buying dinner. If he doesn’t do so, she can cry rape and accuse him of fat phobia. Either way, she ends up on top, figuratively and rodeo style.

Since women will keep lying until the end of time, men must accept it as an inevitable part of life. The best way to combat such behavior is by demanding body shots or Skype sessions before a real date. Never allow some vain woman’s lust for attention reduce your standards in mating or sex. Fatties can love themselves.


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