Celebrity: Stop White-Knighting for Sex!

Liberal men can’t catch a break. They are expected to endorse feminism and fight in the era of Trump, but apparently getting a little gash for the effort is unacceptable.  That’s according to some unknown actor who calls himself Matt McGorry:

Fucking stop it and examine your privileges,” McGorry told Mic. “If that’s what your desire is to use feminism for, then understand that you probably have a lot of work to do on yourself, not only to be a better ally but actually to be a happier human being,” adding that men “can’t be our truest and our happiest selves if our masculinity and our happiness is based on controlling others and manipulating others.

Yep, masculinity is not about leading and dominating women. Only civil debaters who compromise can ever be happy with chicks. That’s why metrosexual hipsters always get the hottest women.


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