Gay Musician Releases Repulsive Video

I think most conservatives would concede they have minimal issues with homosexuals insofar as that group can avoid polluting the mainstream of culture in such a soulless and destructive manner. The problem is, reality remains far from agreeable. Every single day we are given further examples of the sick minds inhabiting “queer” activists.

Today’s exhibit comes in the work of Dorian Wood, an alleged singer who chose to put together the video “Corpulenxia,” as a vessel for his music. The piece is revolting in every way, musically and in terms of the subject matter, but already you have progressives defending it in the comments section. The sweet-cheek editors at Huffington Post even gave Wood a platform to discuss the meaning behind his life and career. Decency seems to be stranded on an isle of salt.

Just remember, tolerance is more important than anything else.

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