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No, I Don’t Care About Newspapers

In college I recall a media professor extolling students to buy newspaper subscriptions in order to save the dying brand of journalism from very probable extinction.  He wrung his hands, warning that the demise of papers would lead to a world where false stories passed as true, and the internet ran wild with unedited, categorically corrupt news. Newspapers, he said, “Are the beacons defending democracy.”

I say let them burn. The leftist preoccupation with print journalism goes back a long way, and understandably so. Before the advent of television, which was initially dominated by the likes of Morrow and Cronkite, two communists, there existed little opposition to mainstream progressiveness. Many newspapers were actually affiliated directly with the Democratic Party, using its name as part of their title, such as “The Times and Democrat.” The lack of any credible dissenting views (posh central National review does not count) allowed the Left to keep such awful characters in power as FDR and LBJ, arguably the two most destructive presidents in all American history who introduced public welfare to purchase Democrat votes. Newspaper editors remained the gatekeepers of the truth because almost everyone got their news from the daily screed and could be made to believe whatever the CPUSA desired.

Thus it should come as no surprise that conservative talk radio resulted in liberal shrieks for the Fairness Doctrine, despite their entrenched foothold at NPR and PBS, both publicly-funded to spread communism. Attempts by progressives to form liberal radio alternatives also failed, with the flagship Air America network going down in flames.

The Left followed up their antics by promoting the Outfoxed documentary documentary in a call to arms against the supposed bias inherent in the Fox News Channel, all the while ignoring the three other networks spewing liberal messages completely.  In 2007, when Rupert Murdoch moved to purchase the Wall Street Journal, they went nuclear, claiming it would destroy freedom of information by acting as a soap box for then-president George W. Bush and his administration. Right-wing corporate control of the press seemed inevitable.

Fast forward to the present day. Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, holds massive ownership of the New York Times, a popular rag with university professors and other academic communists, who get it for free due to college subscriptions. And Jeff Bezos, owner of a little online retailer called Amazon.com, owns all of the Washington Post. The leftist crickets are sleeping. They tend to do that when their side is embroiled in hypocrisy. Rest assured though, like with NPR, the two papers are another example of progressives needing subsidies in order to keep their boring journalism alive.

As newspapers continue to be fire starters in the age of the internet, we will hear endless cries by liberals over their lost hegemony in the world of information. I’m gonna crack open a bottle of Jack and smile at their agony.

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