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Female Headline Privilege

In the wake of the truck attack in Sweden, the culprit has been identified as “a 39-year-old Uzbek man” in calculated hopes he is not associated with Islam. For anyone who does not know, Uzbekistan is over 95 percent Muslim, he was an asylum seeker, and he had strong ties to ISIS. Not much to debate there.

But that is besides the point. A lovely headline from BuzzFeed decided to confirm what we already know: women get preferential treatment by the press. In reporting on the death toll from the assault our wonderful friends in New York published an article with the following title: “A Briton, A Belgian Woman, And Two Swedes Identified As Those Killed In Stockholm Truck Attack.”

Obviously there is nothing special about the woman that might warrant such a particular designation. The writer went ahead and listed everyone else by nationality, all of them carefully not specified as men, and spared special consideration ONLY for the deceased lass. There is no remotely justifiable explanation for this. Adding the clarification about one of them being female simply allows for separate treatment, while also cheapening the deaths of the males. And of course it comes from BuzzFeed, home of countless “We are equal to men” feminists.

No one is saying the loss of the Belgian chick’s life is unimportant, but seeing how she was an adult, why must we suffer through some writer’s dopey attempt at generating sympathy? “Oh my God they killed a woman!” is supposed to be our cry whilst we shrivel in throes of agony and advocate interventionist foreign policy to benefit military contractors. If comparatively the headline just included the nationalities, people would not feel as compelled, because the Gentle Sex is not singled out.

The ultimate reality is that we are manipulated by the media’s practice of female privilege reporting. News people take traditional conceptions of women as weak possessions and make them hallmarks to sate the outrage of the masses. Never mind the fact that a woman is just another human being; countless dies each year, but only women become the utter fixation, and people swallow without question.

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