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How We Are Programmed to Obey

As globalism rises, pushing neoliberal morality and its sweltering forces across national borders to molest ethnic and traditional identities, the world is witnessing an upsurge in resistance. Nationalist parties are now the center focus in Europe and the United States, free trade agreements are looked upon with disdain, and mass immigration is no longer acceptable. Still with all such boons any major backlash is finding itself weakened by the careful conditioning of males from a young age into servitude for the global system.

The saga begins when we are young boys. Parents and government teachers insist we should fawn over and worship women, uplifting them as special creatures deserving of adulation for no reason other than their genitalia. Not having a girlfriend is associated with incompleteness or homosexuality, driving many middle-aged men to marry single mother whores so they meet society’s grim standards of masculinity. Concurrently, men who fool around with multiple women are immediately labeled evil or rapists to discourage other fellows from emulating them.

Our years in state schools teach us that college is the key to happiness. We attend university¬† to fulfill culturally-enforced norms and run-up $70,000 is debt for a job paying $30,000, if that. Offers flow in for credit cards–which hurt your credit score if you DO NOT use them, just as much as they will if you spend a great portion of the limit.

Before you know it you are wrapped up in a $400,000 mortgage, barely getting by as your trigger-happy wife threatens divorce. Your school loans are not finished yet, but you can try to defer. Next neighborhood over is a guy who scams the welfare system and runs an escort business for cash. He’s breaking the law and drives a Cadillac CTS. You pay your taxes like a flawless Johnny Boy and drive a Camry. Hell, at least it gets good mileage.

Your wife finally divorces you. She takes the house, your savings, and most of your retirement. You move into an apartment with two Bull Dyke roommates to pay the bills. You work three jobs so your alimony obligation can keep going up, also so you can survive. The wife moves in with her new personal trainer and lives high and mighty. Rarely, if ever do you get to see your kids, and they have been brainwashed to think you are a monster anyway. Two out of the three are not yours, though, but you pay their insurance and private school tuition nonetheless.

At this point you have become awaken to reality. The only problem is, it is almost too late. Going through the deprogramming stage takes time, and these folks are screwed by circumstance. They did everything right, and as a result got fisticuffs by the crazy hands of the system. They desperately want change, but are so bogged down it does not seem possible. Herein lies the issue with fighting globalism: by the time we are alert to the matter so much damage is done that it takes years to resolve, but we do not have the necessary time. The vile stench marches on.

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