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Allison Berkowitz: Classic Feminist Hypocrisy

So a social worker and PhD student named Allison Berkowitz decided to write a letter to Melania Trump, chiding her for making speeches seemingly out of step with her husband’s politics. Here is a very revealing comment she makes about women:

You said “we must declare that the era of allowing brutality against women and children is over,” yet on Thursday your husband’s party approved an attack on Title X, a program solely devoted to helping low income and uninsured women. The path they’re embarking on could hinder the ability of women to get vital care they need (items like cancer screenings, birth control, and of course, access to safe abortions.) You noted, “the time for empowering women around the world is now.” I couldn’t agree more. Even here in these great United States, women are killed, raped, and sold every day. 90% of our country’s rape victims are women. Many millions of women die – or come unacceptably close – from preventable illnesses associated with childbirth due to lack of accessible, affordable care. And who can forget that only 20% of our federal legislators – the people who make our laws and decide where our money gets spent – share our gender.

Berkowitz probably would call herself a feminist and say women are equal to men. Like a good member of the Pink Parade she wants the government to get involved and MAKE this happen rather than allowing women to do it on their own. She seems to want gender quotas for federal legislators, because women apparently cannot get elected in large numbers on their own. Women also cannot pay for their own healthcare; the government needs to do this because otherwise misogyny.

Feminism: the sexes are equal, but I need the government to do everything for me. I’m strong, proud, and independent!


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