Feminism and Body Hair

As I mention frequently in Feminism is Cancer, feminist leaders have an odd habit of creating reasons for exaggerated outrage that literally no one, including most women, even care about. An example example of this would be the stringy battle over body hair. One cannot go a few days on the internet without seeing some obnoxious click bait-style article reporting supposed anger on Twitter or Facebook over preference for shaven women.

This week’s prize goes to Huffington Post, which I rely on for a steady dose of feminist insanity. As the story goes, a chick called Lalonie got angry over comments concerning her thick armpit hair in a YouTube video. She proceeded to make the typical attention-scraping statement and posted the following message on Twitter:

According to Lalonie, she does not shave because she dislikes doing so. As far as I am concerned that is the end of the controversy. Going online to whine about something so irrelevant is the hallmark of a deluded and rudderless individual. Females shaving is an aesthetic practice going back thousands of years, and socially acceptable in the modern day. If you choose to go on YouTube (a mass media sharing site where visually pleasing things are the mainstay) to show off your “Chewbacca Swag” style, some backlash might be a reasonable expectation. Only women who specifically elect to break from common practice will find any value in the message because they are asexual creatures baptized by the bitter wine of the single life.

Luckily for the feminist movement, all they must do to feel better is pat each other on the back with the likes of the previously linked article and supportive comments. Here is a perfect encapsulation of the Pink Parasite approach to logic:

feminist logic


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