How Muslims Use Words to Lie

Read the following passage carefully. Watch how an alleged “Post-Doc Senior Researcher Fellow” and “Sociolinguist” tries to defend Islam with brilliant vigor.

You Read the Quran and You Think you Know Everything About Islam and Muslims?

The fact is you don’t know anything about either. You’re pathetic. Your hate consumes and blinds you.

Have some humility. Show some respect. You could read about the Islamic tradition for a hundred lifetimes and you wouldn’t be a fraction of the way through.

And even if you read every word, you still wouldn’t have enough information to begin to understand what is happening in the world today. Think about that.

If I were you, I’d apologize, and then I’d shut up and start reading.

Translation: I am a liar trying to defend my violent religion. I know Islam has an extensive tradition of barbarism and disrespect for human rights, but how dare you make it an issue! You will never understand Islam! Never! I will continue repeating this because whenever I pick up a book on Islamic tradition the pages weep for the souls of innocents slain in the name of the Koran. You have no right to read the Koran in any language because you are a bigot. God speaks Arabic, and every translator is an Islamophobe. Kneel and apologize lest you suffer the wrath of the Prophet!


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