Tinder is an Awful App

Of all the dating apps out there, Tinder is by far the worst. Though many alternatives may be bristling with ads and annoying pop-ups, Tinder takes its position of prominence as an excuse for technical disability.

Regardless of whether you have a connection or not, Tinder will constantly log you out, and offers no “remember me” option. Simply making a match is enough to trigger the timeless “Oops! Something went wrong. There was a problem logging into Tinder. Please try again.”At some points the user is even required to restart their phone to clear things up because Tinder’s application support is non-existent.

In the event you can successfully login, Tinder still has done nothing to arrest the tide of fake profiles littering the sidewalks of Swipe Street. Once you break past the initial flair of a few real profiles it becomes complete destitution; one where supremely attractive girls beg to be made scream–but first you must follow a link to the Tinder verification service, and happily embrace a virus. No matter how many times they are reported, the same profiles and their benefactors are never eradicated from the database. In fact, it is rare to find that you have no one in range, because Tinder allows bots to operate specifically to shore up its failing business.

Most of all, whenever you do find enough folks with real profiles to swipe on, Tinder will block you for 12 hours to promote its crappy paid service.Cause spending money to swipe on robots is truly endearing. Let the good times roll.

When all is said, Tinder remains popular mainly due to the size and notoriety. In contrast Bumble and Badoo are more effective apps that do not charge left or right but still offer larger pools of real users, and firmer systems to understand when one is a fake. Tinder could do all these things but its leadership is more interested in scraping money wherever possible. My advice? Douse the flame.


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