Are Male Celebrities Alpha?

Normally whenever a celebrity dude expresses his opinion you see two responses. The first is from major league fans, who nod and agree, hoping to catch the mist of his sweat as it soaks through his tight v-neck shirt. Then we have the skeptics who hold different views or just hate Hollywood in general. Group A will invariably say in response to criticism of their idol: “You’re just jealous because he’s rich and gets hotter pussy!” The money part may be accurate, but I am highly unsure of the latter. If these high rollers are in fact at the head of the sexual food chain, they like to express it in an odd way.

A good intro is Brad Pitt. For years he has been at the helm of the desirability scale, winning most sexiest, hottest, etc. time and time again. Despite all of the life dumplings he can savor, Pitt also possesses an odd taste in women. He dumped Jennifer Aniston, an extremely attractive woman, for Angelina Jolie, an admittedly cute one who preceded to have her breast partially removed and saddled him with countless adopted kids he may not have even wanted. In addition, Jolie was previously married to Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller.

Nonetheless, Pitt went for it, giving up a decent woman to claim an alternative with a long, elaborate, sexual history. Is this truly the mark of an alpha male? Marrying a woman who was previously plowed and seeded by countless men? And of course the recent divorce proceedings between them put his money on the line, prenup or not.

Men in the music industry don’t have it much better. Keith Urban married the older, washed up ex of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and even wrote a supplicating song about her being “hurt”by Cruise. Musical compatriot Kanye West ended up wedding Kim Kardashian, whose ass will forever be strewn across the internet thanks to her sex tape with a much lower tier rapper.

Bear in mind that these guys have access to millions of adoring fans and an effectively unlimited budget. They could easily pull together the resources to get acquainted with at least some undiscovered model or Christian girl who might have less sexual experience and diminished personal baggage. Instead they opted for female celebrities with whorish qualities and little belief in commitment.

An additional and crucial example is Michael Jordan. Sure, he is not much to look at, but as a retired pro athlete and semi-billionaire he won’t turn off women with good financial sense. His wife is Yvette Prieto, a smoking Cuban model who also happens to be secondhand. She dated at least two Hispanic dudes before marrying MJ. It’s worth thinking about for a moment; past all his talents and wealth, such a great sports legend could only pull thrift store tail to be his wife.

From a masculine perspective one has be alert about the messages sent through the behavior of these men. We are taught by media heads to adore people on screen or behind the microphone, holding a ball, or with a lot of money, but these fellows are horrible role models for males. Anyone who looks closely at their lives can see they are not particularly good with women and instead marry carousel riders or single moms. Maybe that is the goal of the entertainment industry: condition men to be like celebrities with women.


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