Tomi Lahren is a Degenerate Liar

I have tried to warn conservatives about this person for several years now. Now she is taking the scalpel to right-wing folks by coming out in support of abortion. As is usual with these variations of the career-based politics types, it comes after she was under fire on The View by leftists. Just apply pressure to any mainstream conservative and suddenly you have a flaming “classical liberal” or moderate libertarian.


Lahren’s turncoated behavior should surprise no one. Her sagacity has already been displayed in the tweets she attempted to scrub from her college days that suggested she was no better than your average sorority chick in terms of moral standards. Conservative media obviously sparked her fancy as a way to make considerable money based on looks alone without needing to develop any profound principles. Let’s be real: any chick who sucks dick in college can hardly be a bastion for decency and traditionalism, at least not without a heavy dose of hypocrisy.

No worries though, because Tomi  is  “an independent thinker.”

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