On The Epidemic of “Taken” Girls

Perhaps it seems odd to start a post on this topic; after all, I do dream of a society where commitment takes center stage once more. The swelling mass of endless debauchery in relationships is after all not benefiting anyone, save those who care little about the future. When I refer to an epidemic here I mean the number of women who utilize online dating websites or actively pursue dates despite being in a relationship, while making no secret of the fact.

I first encountered such behavior about a year ago on Badoo. Chick was Hispanic and decent-looking. We matched, proceeded to get a solid back-and-forth going, and I went for the main course by asking her out. She replied, “I can’t. I have boyfriend.” I asked her what she was doing on the app, and looking for a guy specifically, and got no response. Ah, classic female reserve. The perfect defense mechanism.

Since that instance I have interacted with hundreds of girls who either openly stated they had boyfriends or let the issue slip at some point later on. What’s truly striking is how self-righteous these lasses were about their behavior, as though they actually felt zero guilt. I am well aware of the ability of women to pathologically lie, but perhaps the difference is how they need no practice to present themselves as righteous creatures.

We all know cheating women have been around for centuries, but the difference I wish to suggest is in social media’s role in expanding the opportunity to do so. Whether they seek some sort of physical validation or simply emotional salvation, dating apps and social media sites provide liberal portions. No girl must any longer be satisfied with the morning text from her boyfriend; she can login to Tinder and get showered with compliments by one hundred guys, but still not even need to engage in sex or a make-out session. She can get the boon of a relationship without doing any work.

Young men in particular need to be aware of the “Dating while taken”trend. You can easily waste hours of your time punching texts with pick-up lines or exchanging pics with a girl who will never give you the time of day because she already has a man. In her mind it’s not cheating, but she stands to benefit from remaining in that same position: Have infrequent sex with her boyfriend, and bask between the lapping, orgasmic waves created by male cheerleaders. No matter how sleek you may feel, you will always remain a pathetic slug in her eyes. That’s female empowerment.

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