The “Beta Simp Rescues Abused Woman” Theme In Music

Fresh off some posts on the messages being propagated by the music industry, I thought I would drop several other songs which serve to promote the title theme. We have all heard it before, but never with the prominence of the modern day, which largely has to do with the number of single mothers popping up in the dating market with stories of being in allegedly abusive relationships. Typically women who claim such a background are certifiable liars, yet that has not stopped the music industry from advancing further its miserable crusade to rake in dough from the maxed out credit cards of the Estrogen Generation.

1. “Take Your Time”

Summary: Tough, masculine male who wears a beard peppered from his cigarette ashes and alcohol is physically abusive towards his wife. Faggy metrosexual dude comes to rescue her from the violence, even though she probably knew the guy was bad news before LIVING TOGETHER AND HAVING A KID WITH HIM. Note the subtle association of guns with the masculine and abusive male’s social circle.

2. “Treat You Better”

Summary: Hot redhead is trapped in a relationship with guy who likes to shove her. Apparently this time around the effeminate aura exhibited by the production company was enough to affect even the abusive boyfriend character, who arguably looks more like a chick than Shawn. The singer whines about her deserving a gentleman even though she is likely turned on by the physical abuse, which is why they are still together. If you doubt this talk to Nicole Brown Simpson. But begone with such cynicism. Only Shawn can “mendes” the helpless girl’s relationship by stopping time and treating her better.

3. “The Fighter”

Summary: Girl breaks up with guy who didn’t’ deserve her, as we are always taught to believe. Never a question of her flaws or stupid choice of relationships. Weak, sensitive guy comes along and promises to be her “fighter.” Urban released this song after “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” which deals with similar themes. Given how he married Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, it is not hard to understand his penchant for these songs. Cruise on the other hand might be nutty, but he has always been successful with the ladies.

What It Means

As the marriage rate continues falling and single motherhood rises, the powers that be need a way to continue their cowing of men and promotion of degeneracy. Females are critical here because they regularly vote for politicians who endorse culturally subversive causes like feminism, LGBT propaganda, and globalism. The only way the assault on traditional culture can continue is if men are drawn back into the fold as dutiful husbands to the whores of our time. Songs like the ones mentioned in this article both reassure women who make idiotic relationship choices of their innocence, and encourage men to wife them up out of a feeling of guilt and obligation to “treat her like the lady she is.”

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