Feminists Have No Self-Esteem

The biggest reveal from the clucking protests of January and now with International Women’s Day this week is that liberal females lack even a modicum of self-esteem. Despite advancing a seemingly contrary message they are unable to stage one moment in their depressive lives without dragging out the elephant and hippo show in some mad effort to malign political opponents as misogynists. But for each Ashley Judd there are fifty thousand women running away from feminism and the weird blood-and-tampon cult of today.

Perhaps it is somewhat strange to forecast the steady demise of the feminist column amidst a time when it appears to be at grandiose heights, yet we must be real. Progressive females who dash about shrieking because their wages are not mandated to be six figures by the government so they can work in customer service with a Gender Studies degree are not helping themselves by throwing mosh pit gatherings for the spineless and creepy. The primary message a chick communicates whenever she goes out wearing a pussyhat to curse Donald Trump with other lard buckets in tow is that she has no self-confidence. After all, the country has experienced eight years of a man-child birthed from the womb of a common southern whore who advanced the feminist cause at all times. But now they are threatened by a slightly less leftist candidate because he made some remarks about women about in line with Christian Grey, who feminists love, because he’s their fantasy rich guy.

I get how women are being taught to copy men and ruin their lives, but it is rare to witness any male going as far as the insanity the pink coalition unleashes daily. Sure, men joke about their dicks, though taking them into account in every possible political message, no matter how ill-suited, is not normal. For leftist women things are quite different:


Is this sort of propaganda the sign of a virile woman with good prospects for motherhood? A below average-looking chick probably married to some white simp paints her pregnant stomach with an image of female sex organs to support abortion. Naturally this is what one does when severely close to delivering a newborn child: obsess over your sex organs and fight for the right to end a baby’s life. What we are dealing with here is not female empowerment, but a mentally ill and self-conscious group of people who can only feel satisfaction when they are out in numbers chanting  vulgar slogans or presenting disgusting images literally no one (including other women) care about.

The most saddening part lies with the brokenness of the women who partake in these events. Their entire sermon revolves around throwing off the shackles of patriarchy and embracing some fantastical notion of parity with men, but they lack the backbone to advocate for themselves. Hence the constant appeal to government action and apparent need to hold massive protests to feel relevant. In reality they will never be respected, and that epiphany is liable to send them down to the depths of misery as though an immense, phallus-shaped Jabberwocky has invaded their minds.

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