Does Carrie Underwood Hate Men?

Few would deny that Carrie Underwood is a good singer. Ever since she emerged from the fields of American Idol she has succeeded in captivating a wide swath of audiences in both the Pop and Country genres, aided by the power of her voice and some sentimental musical themes concerning love, the family, and heartbreak. The song “Jesus Take the Wheel” was especially effective in this regard, managing to invade traditionally secular avenues with its unabashed religious message. But as ideal as she may seem, Underwood’s work is colored by another, less endearing thread: her apparent hatred for and advocacy of violence against men.

To begin, let’s take a look at the famous tune, “Before He Cheats.” Set against the backdrop of a relationship where the male is in the process of committing infidelity, she details how her character goes postal on his truck, smashing the headlights and slicing through the seat leather with her car keys, along with the tires. I get that cheating is wrong, but how exactly does it justify behavior which is grounds for a felony conviction, depending on the jurisdiction? Bill Burr made a good point about the song back in the day, even while women were lapping up Carrie’s call for an orgy of unhinged violence.

Underwood followed her majestic creation with this gem:

In the Cadillac fiasco we have a man who dies due to collusion between his wife and mistress, apparently because he lied about himself to one or both of them. Rather weird, of course, because it is hard to imagine a mistress wanting to kill her lover, particularly in concert with the woman who he was helping him betray. Girl power,  I guess. Again, the reasoning here is simple enough: a guy cheats, therefore he deserves to be physically attacked or have his property destroyed. You will not see feminists of any stripe advocating the same treatment for cheating women, and I daresay an equivalent message favoring men would be met with derision and protest.

To simplify: if a man cheats he’s a bastard who doesn’t know what he’s losing. When a woman does it blame him because he wasn’t good enough to keep her.

And now we have something even more delightful:

An abusive, alcoholic husband. His poor, defenseless, trophy wife. Bruises and sunglasses. Naturally the proper recourse for the blonde in question is to “…slip something in his Tennessee whiskey no lawman was ever gonna find…” Hell yeah. I mean, courts and restraining orders do not exist. The only option for women in abusive relationships is to put rat poison inside the drinks of their significant others. Anything else leaves them helpless and without a voice.

I personally could care less about the content of mainstream music, yet we ought to consider the impact of such a message on women. Coupled with the onslaught of television shows depicting women getting away with violence against men, young ladies are being brought up by a media that normalizes and justifies such behavior. This is why it has become common for females to openly disrespect men in public and even beat them around without consequence. When society makes physical abuse and one-way street of acceptability for women, you get the vile chime of today.

Can you hear those church bells ringing?

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