Why Nurses Are Sluts

In my lifetime the women who have been easiest to score with all worked in the healthcare field. I never thought much of it, but as time has passed the explanation has become quite clear to me. While you would imagine a background in health would make them more conscious about promiscuity and disease, it is actually a basis to empower their deepest desires for sluttery.

Stress and Speed

The first nurse I met was a perky little brunette with large blue eyes and a bouncing tushy who worked retail while in school. It took her less than one week to single me out, and she blew me a few days later. Her saga continued with every fellow she could get her hands on, and to this day he trades in for a new “meaningful relationship” on social media almost monthly. What struck me about her was the speed and aggressiveness of the approach. I employed minimal effort and she still came like some famished lynx for supper, desperate to eat her fill. I ascribe such behavior to the stress of the medical field; nurses often have to move fast if they are to save lives, and are equally decisive when it comes to sex.

Death and Biology

Regardless of where a nurse is stationed, she will deal with the immediacy of death at least somewhat frequently. Old folks pass, babies have illnesses, and sudden plagues strike innocent people. For healthcare workers–especially nurses–the constant reminder of death drives them uncontrollably towards the act of reproduction, or in modern terms, guilt-free sex. They suck dick and put their asses in the air to be ravaged out of sheer desperation so as to not run out of time on the biological clock, which their work makes them strikingly aware of.

Healthy Knowledge

Though you might reckon the exposure to health training makes nurses more celibate, in reality they are better empowered to activate their base instincts and turn into whores. Years of education on the workings of the human body, particularly focused on female sexual science, makes them feel impervious to modern disease and destined to liberate themselves like good feminist minions. It explains why a raven-haired sprite with a tight waiting room ass begged me to pound her from behind within several hours of meeting. When you give a woman unbridled access to dangerously raw knowledge, she becomes addicted to the meaty drug.


One additional factor leading to the looseness of nurses is the relationship they have with doctors. At the most fundamental level the power physicians wield in the operating room and office make them veritable icons to which female underlings must cling for career success. Doctors rule over and dominate their nurses, leaving the women with few options but to drop their pants if they desire career successes.

Any man who can successfully play up the role of masculine leader in the presence of a nurse has a golden opportunity. I coaxed a piping blonde ER nurse into bed with relative ease by doing precisely that. Like some might imagine, she wanted to be dominated by her “daddy” and spanked to kingdom come. That’s the psychology behind matrons.


As you can see, nurses are wired by their very nature to seek out rough and frequent sex. They simply cannot help but lust after confined males who relieve them of their stress, creating a game stacked well in favor of men.



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