Camp of the Dissonance

Liberal websites have been frothing over Stephen Bannon’s past mention of The Camp of the Saints, a fictional non-fiction book by Frenchman Jean Raspail detailing the invasion of Europe by refugees from the Third World. Key to leftist outrage over the book is Raspail’s description of the newcomers as sexually degenerate and prone to frequent reproduction. Note the following passages:

Everywhere, rivers of sperm. Streaming over bodies, oozing between breasts, and buttocks, and thighs, and lips, and fingers.

Bodies together, not in twos, but in threes, in fours, whole families of flesh gripped in gentle frenzies and subtle raptures

The real scandal here is not Bannon. From Ukraine to Spain, from Italy to Norway, and across the gleaming Atlantic, the Left and Center-right refuse to acknowledge reality. European cultures and ethnic groups are being wiped out though population replacement and mass immigration. This is not a matter of debate among the rational, but the swill of popular election and globalist economics appears to have intoxicated the leaders of Western civilization.

At least a couple of folks are paying attention.

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