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Diversity Oscars Viewership Sinks

In what will surprise no one who loves America, Oscars viewership is down dramatically this year. According to the Huffington Post:

The 89th annual Academy Awards were reportedly watched by 32.9 million viewers on Sunday night, making the ceremony the least watched telecast since 2008, according to Reuters. The show also scored a 9.1 rating among adults 18-49, which is 14 percent less than last year’s ceremony among the same demographic.

This outcome is worth noting for several reasons. First, obnoxious racial pressure on the part of Affirmative Action journalists for more black nominees appears to have made the awards ceremony LESS popular. The infamous #oscarssowhite hashtag whining about the talent of liberal white performers failed to improve viewership despite the Academy caving with multiple wins for the film Moonlight, which focuses on the life of a black dude with AIDS growing up in the United States. Americans apparently do not like to politicize race, no matter what Hollywood thinks.

Next, the political broadside against Donald Trump also failed to enchant the public. From Jimmy Kimmel’s snarky attacks on the president to the bizarre habit of different nominees to dedicate their awards to immigrants or deride walls, the liberal establishment hoped to make the show a summit of sorts for anti-Trump sentiment. Most folks chose to change the channel.

Lastly, the attention-drawing stunt of mistakenly awarding Best Picture to La La Land over the diversity choice of Moonlight did not pan out right. Organizers were obviously trying to generate controversy and boost their viewer quota, but the eyes didn’t materialize. Heck, even the intellectually brilliant racial activist Chrissy Teigen found it boring:


That being said, at least Casey Affleck won.

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