CPAC is a Joke

Politico reported today that Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute was kicked out of CPAC because, in the view of ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp:

“You are welcome to come down here, we will have civil conservation about things we disagree with but there are boundaries, one of those boundaries is having respect for people, people’s heritage, people’s race, and the alt-right is not a voice in the conservative movement,”

The level of hypocrisy in such a statement is incredible. I’m no hardcore alt-righter, but why is white identity such a heinous topic for the ACU? Should you take a cursory glance at the organization’s website you will find links to sign up for a Young Jewish Conservative Shabbat event, and Schlapp himself has done nothing to prevent speakers from attending who attempt to make the survival of Israel (and by extension Jewish ethnic identity) the centerpiece of discussions at CPAC. If the ACU was serious about moving beyond identity politics, those elements would not be permitted.


Oh wait I forgot, whites aren’t allowed to advocate for their own interests.

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