Milo Yiannopoulos: Grimly Predictable

The recent broadside against Milo Yiannopoulos should not surprise anyone who has followed the attention-grabber’s career over the last couple years, but it is nonetheless satisfying to see the sudden dismay of his followers in the conservatarian ranks. Anyone with a passing whiff of common sense could tell he would be unmasked for something like pedophilia eventually, so exaggerated outrage at this point is ludicrous. The man is, after all, a proud homosexual, and part of the particular variety obsessed with black men. Would someone with such traits NOT be a degenerate underneath it all?


If nothing else, right-leaning folks should learn from the Milo saga to never trust token minorities simply because they provide political cover. The homosexual lifestyle is fundamentally grounded in liberalism because it cannot accommodate self-restraint on the part of sex-crazed faggots. When conservatives or libertarians open their ranks to such creatures in order to broaden their appeal, the result is entryism by the most depraved elements of society and culture.

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